Specialty Beverages

Amaretto Punch

A light almond-flavored punch mixed with ginger ale.

Citrus Punch

A blend of orange and pineapple served chilled with slices of oranges.

Frozen Strawberry Punch

Ginger ale mixed with a frozen ring of strawberry Punch. Served chilled with strawberry slices.

Sherbet Punch

Ginger ale mixed with frozen lime sherbet. Served chilled.


Need something to warm up on those cold winter days? Try our wassail flavored with cinnamon and apple juice. This will hit the spot.

Standard Options


Regular, decaffeinated, stir stix, sugars and cream.

Soft Drinks

Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Root Beer

Fruit Juices

Orange, apple, grapefruit, grape, cranberry, tomato


Rich, traditional. Served seasonally.

Sweet Tea

Freshly brewed and sweetened homemade iced tea.

Unsweet Tea

Freshly brewed homemade iced tea.

Raspberry Tea

Freshly brewed and sweetened homemade iced tea, flavored with raspberry.

Pink Lemonade

Homemade, fresh sweet pink lemonade.

Bottled Water

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